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To get started, I am going to post what I “THINK” to be the correct information so far. Most of this is undocumented, which is why I am doing this. First, if you see something wrong, you can provide me with the details so I can put it out there for the world to see. Second, it will give me a place to provide documentation for what I do have so far, and keep it all in one place. Time to take a look at the family.

Johann (John) Theodore Starkey was born on 23 Oct 1833 in Germany. At the age of 22 he came to America. He met and later married Emilie Charlotte Kuehl. From this marriage came 10 children: Albert, Bernard, Ada, Mary, Sophia, John, Henry, Joseph, Tracy and Anne.

Johann, who commonly went by Theodor, died on 21 Sep 1880 in Derrynane, Le Sueur, Minnesota. Emilie died on 31 Dec 1918, also in Derrynane.

Albert J. Starkey was born on 14 Mar 1859 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1889 he married Mary E. Hartel in Minnesota. They had 10 children. (This would be my great great grandparents)

Bernard Starkey was born about 1860 in Wisconsin. He died on 12 Oct 1879 in Derrynane, Minnesota.

Ada Starkey was born about 1862 in Minnesota. She married Frank Lorentz. I don’t have much information on this family yet.

Mary Starkey was born about 1864 in Minnesota. She married Nicholas Barten. I don’t have much information on them yet either.

Sophia E. Starkey was born about 1867 in Minnesota. In 1888 she married Frank Mane.

John Starkey was born 8 Dec 1871 in Derrynane, Minnesota.

Henry P. Starkey was born about 1873 in Minnesota. In 1906 he married Theresia Bothen.

Joseph Frances Starkey was born 10 May 1874 in Derrynane, Minnesota. In 1874 he married Helen M. Faulkner.

Tracy Starkey was born about 1876 in Minnesota.

Anne F. Starkey was born 30 Jul 1876 in Derrynane, Minnesota.